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Case Study | Kirkpatrick & Lai Orthodontics

Client: Joe Lai, Kirkpatrick & Lai
 Logo - Final - Horizontal - Joe Lai
Goal: Our marketing firm here in Tulsa first met with Kirkpatrick & Lai to grow doctor referral through the Dream 100 system and implement search engine optimization to increase new client base by becoming top in Google for Tulsa Orthodontist. Launching cause marketing campaign, Giving Smiles, Giving Birthdays, that provides birthday parties for children in foster care that would otherwise not have a birthday.


PR Plan: Positioning Dr. Lai as the orthodontist of choice in the Tulsa area by establishing him as an expert in the area for his services while also bringing the Giving Smiles, Giving Birthdays cause to the public eye. Gaining media coverage through television, print media, and radio. The campaign won The Journal Records 2015, Beacon Award for Charitable Influence.


Advertising Strategy: Search optimization in Google. Our marketing team optimized the Kirkpatrick & Lai website using specific key search terms locally. Using the Dream 100 referral system they were able to grow their doctor referrals each month. Our team also executed successful advertising campaigns using Google retargeting ads and Facebook advertising.


Results: Kirkpatrick & Lai grew the business over 20% over the course of a year based on doctor referrals alone, implementing the Dream 100 marketing system. The company also sees 11 new leads on a weekly basis from the implementation of Google optimization and retargeting ads.


“D2 Branding has helped Kirkpatrick & Lai implement the Dream 100 sales plan and increase our doctor referrals. Their search engine optimization strategy has dramatically increased our patient referrals. I highly recommend D2 Branding for all your internal and external marketing needs!” – Dr. Joe Lai, Owner/Orthodontist at Kirkpatrick & Lai


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