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Case Study | Face and Body

Client: Face and Body


Goal: The goal for this client was to reach new customers through search engine optimization by making the Face and Body website appear on the first page of Google search for key terms such relating to their industry. Creating new leads, and customer recognition.


The Plan: Our marketing team worked to create an aggressive search engine optimization plan using back links, original content, and Google compliance to win key terms in the Tulsa area. We also worked with the Face and Body team to implement a sales system in office, to close these patients when they inquire online. This included phone scripting, team training on customer service and outside communication through monthly newsletters.


The Result: Face and Body receives 8-10 new leads per week through Google search. These are people not necessarily familiar with Face and Body, but are searching for key terms in Tulsa like “liposuction, breast augmentation, etc.” Face and Body’s customers have increased 30% since using search engine optimization and marketing strategies through team coaching with D2 Branding and system implementation in office.