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Case Study | Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages

Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages

Client: Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade

Goal: Keith Boyd, founder of Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages, is a teen entrepreneur with non-verbal cerebral palsy. Keith approached our marketing firm wanting to perfect his product to sell more lemonade and raise money for his school, The Little Light House in Tulsa. KICB_Logo_460

Our team came up with a plan for strategic partnerships with local vendors like Chick-fil-A, and other businesses to raise $100,000 for the school. Including an extensive marketing campaign including PR partnership with local news station Fox23 and national publications such as Parents and Huffington Post.

Result: Through our marketing plan and securing partnerships with local business owners, who hosted lemonade stands around Tulsa. In three months Keith had a total of 10 lemonade stands and raised over $120,000 for the school. PR coverage that covered both local and national media.

tulsa-pr-firms“We needed exposure for our campaign directed toward the right demographic. Deedra, with D2 Branding, put us in front of the ideal audience immediately. The reaction has been exactly what we were looking for, and we are quickly gaining the community support necessary to succeed.” – James, Erin & Keith Boyd, CEO of Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade




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