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Social Media

A new study from Pew Research shows that out of the 64% of American adults who use Facebook, nearly half (30%) use the social network to keep up with news (Mashable, March 2014).  Can you imagine our parent’s generation getting their nightly news from Facebook rather than watching it on television or reading the local paper?

Social media has changed the way we get information, share information and most certainly market our businesses.  New social media platforms are launching all the time and it can be overwhelming to businesses to figure out what platforms will work best for them and what resources they should allocate to create a social media plan.

We live in a multi-screen world where the viewer/user is watching television while on their smart phone, laptop or tablet at the same time.  Your brand must be where your customers are and we can assure you that they are spending more time on social media than they care to admit!

D2 Branding has ignited many brands through social media that resulted in increased profits!

D2 Branding will help you come up with a customized social media plan to capture new customers, interact with current customers, solve customer service problems and create loyal, raging fans!

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