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Case Study | Fit First Responders Foundation

Fit First Responders Foundation

ffr-logo-finalClient: Fit First Responders Foundation


Most police officers, firefighters, and EMSA medics do not have required physical fitness testing and evaluation as part of their job. First responders’ poor physical and mental health has led to millions spent annually on workers’ comp and insurance as we are treating symptoms without addressing the cause.

First responders are not in optimal physical or mental health to protect our cities due to the following:

  •   Lack of education
  •   Lack of resources available
  •   Lack of proper evaluation
  •   Lack of a reward system

In America today, there is a disconnect between the private and public sector and we need to bridge the gap.



Fit First Responders foundation working with organizations throughout the U.S. changing first responders lives through fitness, nutrition, and creating the winning mindset to keep our city streets safe!

Fit First Responders (FFR) is a nonprofit foundation created for police officers, firefighters and medic First Responders to educate, empower, and equip them with the tools they need to WIN in their physical and mental health to keep the city streets safer, lower worker’s compensation, and lower medical expenses for cities across America.

FFR is a year-round program, kicking off with a 25-week challenge and truck giveaway, costing only $20/month per first responder

Thanks to the D2 team, our marketing firm will help launch Fit First Responders into cities across America in 2016 teaming up with sports performance facilities, securing national sponsors including Chevrolet national to give away trucks in every city.



FFR kicked off a 25-week challenge in Tulsa with over 200 first responders participating in physical, mental, and nutrition training resulting in:

-1,237 total lbs. lost

-481% total body fat lost

-1,373 total lbs. of fat lost

-1,149 total inches lost

The winner walked away with a 2016 Chevy Silverado and transformed his entire life mentally, physically, & spiritually.

FFR celebrated with a graduation ceremony that celebrated all participating first responders and sponsors. The ceremony brought together Tulsa’s mayor, police chief, fire chief, EMSA chief and National Guard leaders to honor first responders and unite as a city.




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Media Highlights

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